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Candidates have to provide relevant details and select an exam centre for themselves. The eligible candidates can apply for the scholarship and the ineligible ones have to pay the exam fee before the deadline at the selected exam centre. FinQuiz’s basic program—priced at $299—is just questions and mocks, which are deliberately challenging and designed to stretch the candidates.

The Chartered Financial Analyst course is offered by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India. CFA is one of the most reputed designations in investment and management across the world. CFA professionals can expand their careers in the corporate as well as financial fields. ACCA students who fail to pay fees when due will have their names removed from the ACCA register and must pay a re-registration fee to be reinstated as a student. Interestingly, the price of the top offerings ranges from $649 to $1,499, which is within the range of the money you might be allotting as a contingency for failing the exam. These packages include practice questions, online resources, in-person and online classes, reviews, and, in some cases, mock exams.

It should take around 3 years to clear all 3 levels of CFA with an adequate amount of preparation. CFA is one the most preferred finance course for after BBA and BCom students. There are some students who prefer to study for CFA on their own without signing up for any coaching classes. This will help you in saving your expenses for CFA, however, it may hinder your study preparations quite a bit.

  • The groups are Ethical & Professional Standards, Investment Tools, Portfolio Management & Wealth Planning.
  • The fee charged to be returned to the register of ACCA members if removed.
  • Ongoing input from industry experts ensures that the curriculum remains relevant and prepares Charter Holders to enter today’s market.
  • The output is more when you give 2 hours daily for 7 days then 14 hours on only weekends .
  • She has experience reviewing and editing accounting, business, and economic publications.
  • The table given below contains complete exam date information as available on the official website of the CFA Institute.

Individuals will only be able to move to the next level after clearing the previous level of the Chartered Financial Analyst examination. The aspirants can choose the different exam cycles and slots according to their own preferences for the different levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst exam. Chartered Financial Analyst course fee ranges between INR 2 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs.. In certain circumstances, members may apply to pay a reduced annual subscription fee. MyGuru offers affordable, individual tutoring from CFA charter holders, either in person or online.

Is the CFA charter a degree?

Given below are some of the key differences between the two The next step requires candidates to select the suitable options available regarding eligibility. Applicants have to provide details of their education level, profession, employer details, employer location etc.


At this stage, you have to additionally pay a one-time enrollment fee of USD. But the minimum fees of CFA for all three levels is around $ 2,100 to $4350, depends on you when you register. The candidates who are doing their internships or run their own business can also apply for the CFA course. All the work duration and internship period will be counted as work experience. To get the benefit of this condition, you need to show that you are paid for this. Before registering for CFA level 2, candidates must be passed their bachelor degree course.

CFA Course

Candidates get a lot of flexibility with tutors, both in terms of when and how it takes place and also with regards to how many sessions are purchased. Bloomberg is also a great option if you’re cramming since it offers packages for sprinters—approximately $500 for two months’ access right before the exams. There are also bundles for marathoners, who can get four years’ worth of access for about $1,300.

The CFA Institute offers online materials to enable understudies to get ready, alongside a registry of test prep specialist organizations. Meyer says taking survey classes can be definitely justified even despite the expense to possibly build your odds of breezing through the test on the main attempt and evading costly retakes. Be ready for the additional expense of getting proficient mentoring and instructional assistance. The test is led in two meetings of three hours every, morning and evening. Every meeting highlights 120 inquiries, for an amazing all out of 240 more than six hours. The CFA Institute suggests that test-takers apportion themselves 90 seconds to address each address.

cfa exam cost in india

However, if you need to travel to take the test, you may need to account for gas mileage, plane tickets and/or hotel rooms. We’re on your team and are passionate about helping you achieve your career goals, even if it means we don’t make a dime. Please get back to us if you have any other questions or doubt. You can also download the CollegeDekho App from the Google Play Store to stay updated with all education-related information.

Level I CFA Exam Registration Fees

With these scholarships, you can save up to 650 to 750 dollars during registration. For level 1 CFA exam – After completing registration, you will submit a one-time enrollment fee which is $450. After completing Level -1, candidates will appear for level 2 in which 45 item-set questions are included in each session.


We are working to expand the certificate into additional markets. At this time, for example, we are not able to test candidates on mainland China. This applies to in person testing as well as online proctored exams.

Under the Professor Scholarship Program, you are only required to pay USD 350 as your registration fees. The 2023 CFA exam registration fee is either USD 900 for early birds or USD 1200 of standard fee but there are also other CFA exam costs, including USD 350 of one-time enrollment fee. If you plan on pursuing a career as a chartered financial analyst , you’ll need to pass a series of three comprehensive exams.

Investment to Earn your CFA®

CFA Level 1 and 2 subjects are similar to MBA in Finance subjects. CFA Level 3 gives a deep understanding of finance in comparison to MBA. The detailed list of institutes offering Chartered Financial Analyst course in India along with their fee details are listed below. Chartered Financial Analyst Fees vary from college to college but in most cases, it is affordable. Candidates can go through the prospectus available on the official website of all these institutes and read them thoroughly.

Yes, you can schedule and reschedule your CFA exam dates using your login ID and password through the official website of CFA. This cost is obligatory for you to get enrolled in the list of CFA candidates and to enter the CFA Program . For more information on jurisdictions participating in the international administration of the exam, you can check the NASBA website. With a successful test run of the exam in 2020, the professional bodies adopted the continuous testing model this year. The CPA Exams are scheduled to be held at eight designated Prometric Test Centres in India.

So, candidates should focus on the products that they really need, given their own circumstances. There are five distinct categories of product, including self-study with books/e-books, questions and mock exams, in-person or online instruction, pre-test review, and tutoring. Here, you learn the advance concepts in financial research, quantitative analysis, portfolio management and more in 10 subjects. As we mentioned, not passing a level of the CFA Program exam means that you have invested your registration fees for nothing. If you are determined to become a charterholder, you will have to pay the same registration fee to take the exam or exams you failed again. The cost of the CFA Program starts at $3,050 USD, which includes a one-time enrollment fee and discounted early registration.

The CFA course level I is the very first level of the CFA course. It is the first step towards achieving the CFA charter designation. This level has 10 core topics on which the level I paper is based. Different topics have a different amount of weightage, for example, ethics has the highest weightage in level I. The main topics in focus at this level are investment tools, ethical and professional standards. The training for the CFA level I exam needs to start at least 6 months prior because candidates need at least that much time to be fully prepared for the exam.

The cfa exam cost in india Program Access Scholarship waives the one-time program enrollment fee, and discounts the exam registration fee to $250, which includes access to the curriculum and all available study tools. Another significant cost consideration would be exam retake fees . CFA® Exam fees can be very expensive, partly because it’s actually made up of three separate exams that are very comprehensive. Most candidates think about the registration fees and the costs of actually taking the CFA® exam, but they don’t consider all of the additional expenses that go with it. Apart from cfa institute’s exam and registration fee, you may have to pay cfa coaching fee of approximately Rs. 30,000 per level. However, if you want to prepare timely and need placement assistance.

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