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Diaz was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years. Her first parole hearing was denied in 2011, with the next one to take place in 2026. Christene Kemmerlin, under the pretense that she was a victim of domestic violence, convinced a neighbor to murder her third husband, Wayne. She was initially sentenced to death, but her sentence was commuted to life without parole. In 1982, Shirley Allen poisoned her husband Lloyd with antifreeze for his life insurance money. She was also suspected of murdering her previous husband in 1978 under similar circumstances.

Miranda Hartley – @mirandamarie3024

In Russellville, Alabama, in August 2008, Christie Michelle Scott gave her autistic son Mason an overdose of cough syrup, set her house on fire, and allowed her son to die of smoke inhalation. She pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, and was sentenced to 32 years in prison. In 1831 in North Carolina, Frankie Stewart Silver murdered her husband Charles Silver with a hatchet, then she dismembered his corpse and burned his remains. Silver was sentenced to death and hanged on July 12, 1833.

She receives a life sentence without parole after refusing a deal that would’ve given her a lighter sentence. Jamila M’Barek rises from high-class call girl and Playboy model to countess when she marries the Earl of Shaftesbury Anthony Ashley-Cooper, but the couple split when she fakes a pregnancy. As long as they are not divorced, Jamila can keep spending his money, but when the Earl finds a new girlfriend and decides to divorce her, she enlists her brother Mohammed to beat and strangle him to death in November 2004.

Miranda Rose Hartley, age 35, Galesville, WI

In Worth County, Missouri, empty nesters Shannon O’Roark Griffin and her husband, Roscoe, are living apart, with Shannon refusing to move from their home in Missouri. Shannon pleads guilty to second-degree murder and armed criminal action and is sentenced to twenty years in prison for each crime, both to be served concurrently. In New York in 1866, Irish woman Bridget Durgan was starting a new life as a maid, but her jobs did not last long.

She was arrested and found guilty for the murder of her third husband, dying in prison in 1936. Winnie Ruth Judd – In 1931, Judd murdered her friends after fighting over a man, Jack Halloran. She cut them up with the intention of dumping their remains in the Pacific Ocean. Some speculate Halloran helped her dismember the friends. Eva Coo and Martha Clift – In 1934, Coo and Clift drove Henry Wright, a disabled coworker, to an isolated location in Oneonta, New York. There, Coo bludgeoned him with a mallet, and Clift ran over him with a car.

In March 2015, Paige brutally murders Carlene after an argument over food and claims trick or treaters murdered Carlene, despite Halloween being seven months away. That inconsistency soon proves to be her undoing, and she is sentenced to 20 to 27 years in prison. In 2019, her sentence was vacated and she faced a retrial; Paige ultimately accepted a plea deal in August 2019 for 20 years.

Miranda’s on-screen husband

One of the witnesses to the hanging was author Charles Dickens, who modeled the murderess character in Bleak House after Maria. Canadian doctor Shirley Turner begins a relationship with American medical student Andrew Bagby, thirteen years her junior. Shirley has borderline personality disorder and has a long history of failed relationships due to her violent, jealous behavior, and when Andrew ends the relationship for good, his fate is sealed. On November 5, 2001, Shirley, who had recently become pregnant with Andrew’s child, shoots him five times.

The twosome made their relationship Instagram official on New Year’s Eve in December 2020. «Happy New Year from our quarantine den to yours,» she wrote. It took more than one year for their split to be official.

The «Queen Bee» embezzles money from the business to support her opiate addiction and soon owes tens of thousands in back taxes. To keep her husband from finding out and to benefit from his life insurance, Joyce shoots Big Joe to death in October 2008. Allison Miller is a young single mother who looks after her two sons until she meets Jasper «Pig» Thomas. She falls head over heels as he moves into her house, but he doesn’t share the same feelings as she does, preferring to have drugs, alcohol, avoid important responsibilities and also have affairs with other women. After getting punched in the face by an intoxicated Jasper, Allison shoots him with a .22-caliber revolver to punish him, but later regrets her action.

Despite not having the whole crew back on board, fans can anticipate a potentially romantic storyline between Carly and Freddie, following their shocking kiss on the show’s finale. With that being said, you may be wondering if there’s romance for the «iCarly» crew behind the scenes. The British actress is not married in real life but in the final episode of the sitcom «Miranda»,  Hart was married to her long-term sweetheart Gary, played by Tom Ellis on New Years Day. In the show, after five years, the couple finally locked lips as they made a lifetime’s commitment to one another.

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